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Get Ready for Deer Season!

Get Ready for Deer Season!

Come in and test your aim to get your prize Buck this year!

Rifle Range

Rifle Range

Three lighted targets at 50 yds, 100 yds, & 185yds. Targets have camera monitoring system to view targets Heated to 60 degrees Large indoor shooting booth


Membership & Fees

Note: Memberships will expire April 1st

**Memberships can be purchased at the following locations:

Bruender’s Corner Mart
Tyler St.
Tyler, MN 56178

Kjergaard Sports
1951 200th Ave.
Lake Benton, MN 56149

Thomsen Hardware
145 Tyler Street
Tyler, MN 56178

Shooting Range Permit Instructions

  1. Permit read and sign the release and waiver of liability. Keep in notebook.
  2. Fill in the shooting range permit register with the applicants information: name, address, phone number, email, address if applicable, and m/ship type (A,B,C,D)
  3. Attach door code sticker to back of membership card

Collect Fees

  • A - Adult Member = $40.00 for RANGE ONLY
  • B - Combo Range & Club Membership = $50.00 (range use and club membership)
  • C - Youth Member 17 & younger = $20.00 (range use and club membership)
  • D - Tyler Rod & Gun Club Only = $20.00 (cannot use indoor shooting range)

Group or Educational Rates - Please contact Club Officers